Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministry of Baptist Homes! This ministry has been underwritten, from the beginning, by gifts from friends like you. Timely contributions have literally saved the ministry multiple times in its history.

All gifts to Baptist Homes support the ongoing ministry and are tax deductible. The Baptist Home, Inc. (DBA, Baptist Homes & Healthcare Ministries) is a 501 (c)3, not-for-profit organization.

Estate Plans & Giving

Estate plans, like a will or trust, are valuable tools to make a smooth transfer of assets to heirs and ministries upon death. Do you have a plan? If yes, now is an opportune time to review and make changes. Have any additions taken place in your life through birth, adoptions or marriage? Have you experienced any losses due to death, divorce, mental incapacities, a handicap, serious injury or health problems? These are important matters to consider when reviewing your estate plan.

A bequest is property given by a will or trust to a person, or a charitable bequest to a nonprofit organization, trust or foundation. Bequests through estate plans are important gifts that support and strengthen ministries that touch people’s lives. Baptist Homes has the expertise to make sure a donor’s charitable bequests make the biggest impact possible. BHHM will work with a donor’s attorney and financial planner to provide specific language to include in one’s estate documents to ensure that the bequest is honored.

If you would like more information about wills, estate planning or planned gifts, please contact a Baptist Homes advancement team member.

Contact info: Nick Davis – Director of Advancement, (573) 822-4319,

A. A will is the first and most important step in an estate plan, but it is not the only step. A will states what is to happen to your probate estate after your death. There are also other arrangements that can be used to supplement your will.

A. An estate plan can include trusts, life insurance and other financial agreements. Financial and health care power of attorneys should be a part of everyone’s planning. Planned charitable gifts can also be part of an estate plan, especially when they benefit you, your family and charitable organizations that exemplify your Christian beliefs.

Project Wishlist

Remember your Christmas wish list as a child? Residents of Baptist Homes still have one and each they write out a Christmas wish list. Generous supporters like you help to fulfill those wishes by making $50 donations to Project Wishlist. When Christmas week finally arrives, residents gather together for a large meal and a party where they open their presents. Your gifts brighten the season for the entire Baptist Homes family, especially for residents without living relatives.

Gifts to Baptist Homes Christmas Wish List Project are tax-deductible donations and can be made for whatever amount you choose. A $50 gift will pay for one resident to receive a treasured Christmas gift. To share your Christmas cheer, click the link below to donate to Baptist Homes Christmas Wish List Project. When completing the form please be sure to complete the “Designate my Donation” section with “Project Wishlist.”

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Anniversary Offering

It has been a long held tradition for Missouri Baptists to recognize their anniversaries by giving to the Baptist Homes. Help provide the ministry of love by continuing this tradition of giving because of love.

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