We understand this move may be difficult. It is our greatest desire to provide assistance every step of the way and make the process as stress-free as possible. In the same way, we exist to give you a place that you can truly call home, and home is where love and comfort is.

Step 1: Prepare for the day

The first thing to accomplish before the move is to fill out all of your important paperwork. That way paperwork is out of the way and you can focus on the move. Be sure to ask for a checklist of paperwork needed so you can have it all ready to hand it at the beginning of the day.

Additionally, let your friends and family know! Baptist Homes does allow friends and family to assist with the move.

Step 2: Schedule a good time for the move

It is always important to be in contact with the administrators of the campus you are going to be calling home. That said, discuss a time with the administrators that would be best for a swift and easy move. That way you can receive the best assistance possible right away.

Step 3: Bring the comforts of Home with you

The best thing to do is to not burden yourself with discomfort. So, one of the most important things to do is to wear comfy clothes.

As far as what items to take, take what makes you feel most at home. These can be paintings, books, music, etc. Any personal items that make you feel most relaxed is welcome at all Baptist Homes campuses.

Step 4: get to know the family

Another way to make yourself more at home is to allow the staff to get to know you. A lot of new faces can be very stressful at first, but with time the staff will become your closest ally.