For Such a Time as This

We all know it’s coming: the Silver Tsunami. America is aging at an unheard-of pace. At the same time, dozens of nursing facilities across Missouri are closing, unable to recover from staffing shortages and COVID-19 restructuring. Families desperately need high-quality options where their loved ones can thrive and grow stronger instead of fading away.

We see these challenges not as a source of dread but as a new horizon dawning. Just as God designed Joseph and Esther’s life stories to equip them to bless and rescue others, He has given Baptist Homes 109 years of experience to prepare us for the crisis in elderly care. And like Joseph storing up grain in the years before famine, the moment to act is now, before thousands of seniors have nowhere to go.

We are working to stay ahead of this wave as we care for more seniors, in more places, and in more unique ways

Through the Welcome Home Campaign, we’re seeking to raise $18 million because the task ahead of us is great. Veterans need a loving environment to heal from trauma. Pastors who gave everything to ministry need affordable housing and spiritual shepherding of their own. Seniors with reduced mobility need lifts and equipment so they aren’t stuck in the isolation of their rooms.

Your gift will help us expand our facilities, reaching more seniors with the love of Jesus.

As Missouri Baptists, we believe in the sanctity of life at every stage. The image of God is engraved in our very fingerprints and DNA; it doesn’t fade with time. At Baptist Homes & Healthcare Ministries, our mission is to help the church honor the elderly as Scripture commands.

From independent living to skilled nursing care, we promote the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of our elderly and veterans, offering holistic care for each individual’s specific needs. Guided by compassion and a biblical worldview, we want to see our residents thrive as they walk forward in God’s purposes and plan.

Baptist Homes & Healthcare Ministries serves seniors and veterans by:

  • Caring for the elderly with dignity and love
  • Welcoming our veterans home with practical resources and emotional healing
  • Bringing peace, hope, and comfort to end-of-life with Christ-centered hospice care

As Baptist Homes & Healthcare Ministries comes back home to the Missouri Baptist Convention, it’s time to also update our residents’ homes. We want to show seniors respect, not the bare minimum, which means giving these facilities the same attention to detail we would invest in our own houses.

We are raising $18 million to renovate existing campuses and build new facilities.

This will ensure that every resident has a private, functional, and welcoming place to live as we expand our ability to care for more individuals in need. We’ve seen God do amazing things through Baptist Homes throughout our first century of ministry, and we’re equipping our ministry to advance and improve for years to come.

Join us as we forge a new era of compassionate care across Missouri. Please pray about how you can participate in our building campaign. We believe God is raising up a team of people to give, serve, and pray with us as we widen our reach, and we’re hoping you’ll be one of them.